Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Plasma Speaker

So a couple of months ago my physics teacher showed the class a youtube video of a plasma speaker somebody had built. I saw it, thought it was awesome, and wanted to make one for myself. A plasma speaker unlike the traditional cone speaker, uses an electric arc to produce sound, or more specifically music. This arc of plasma has essentially no mass compared to a regular speaker and therefore has perfect transient responce. It makes a perfect tweeter.

Or theoretically it can be. My build really has no indepth audio filtering and its not made with the highest quality of parts so its not exceptionally great. I made it more as a novelty. Another difference with the traditional speaker is that is produces sound in all directions making it more like real sources of sound. Below I've included a video of it being demonstrated as well as a look into the build and how it works. If your not particularly intrested in the specifics of how it works then I wouldn't watch the second half of the video as it gets kinda boring. If you are however curious of the insides, there are still pictures and descriptions below.
Now for some just general pictures of the build. It took me about two weeks to assemble it. In fact, pictures of me working on it were part of my graduation anouncement.

Above are three different views of the circuit board. Perfboard is great for building quick circuits on and prototyping. I didn't feel like professionally designing this circuit board with a manufacturer nor did I have time to. I had to finish this for a physics project.

Here's the GDT(gate drive transformer) that I had to hand wrap that I mentioned in the video. You can see the parts and schematic from early in the build in the background. The next picture is the CRT television I had to open up and get the flyback step up transformer (circled in red) out of. Below I've included a couple more random pictures.

So thus ends my review and write ups of past projects. My next post will be something I'm currently working on and possibly some other news. My mission papers went in today.

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