Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Electric Skateboard (early stages)

My electric skateboard has been a project thats been gaining momentum since about the beginning of the summer and it's still a work in progress, but I thought I'd share how far it's come. I started out mounting a motor on a regular sized skateboard deck and soon found that there wasn't enough space left on the deck to give me a stable base to ride on. I thought I had pictures of it assembled but I can't find them now.So I moved on to a custom made long board design.

I bought a board (an actual board not a skateboard) and started to move the hardware onto it including a new set of long board wheels. After some wood working and tinkering out in the summer sun I got the board shaped, sanded, and rideable.

I wired up a simple switch to control the power to the motor. Its powered by the same two lead acid batteries I used for my plasma speaker. Its not done but it's far enough along that I can ride it around the block at a decent speed. Possible future improvements include things like foot switches, lights, speakers, solar charging, and a speedometer. And it still needs some grip tape and a paint job too.

As I was learning to use the wood working tools in my garage, I also made a chair out of an 8' 2x4". It's not an electrical creation but I thought I would put it up here anyway. In other news, I've been called to serve in the Cambodia Phnom Penh mission and will be leaving for the MTC on December 7th where I'll be studying cambodian. I'll be doing some communtiy college for the next three months while I attempt to tie up any unfinished projects.