Thursday, July 9, 2015

Homemade Laser

So I've really allowed this to gather dust again. I've just been busy busy busy with taking 21 credits in one semester among all the other things on my plate. I've still been working on projects though, can't help myself there, just haven't had time to write.
So I work during the school year for an holography lab that uses a lot of optics. I work in circuit board design and low-level programming for the video monitors, but invariably must collaborate with optics-centered colleagues. And one showed me how to build my own laser powerful enough to burn stuff. Don't worry mom, I sprung for the nicer safety goggles.

Here's a video of it lighting a match on fire from a distance. Its pretty fun to play with and super bright. You can see it in the air.
The build itself was pretty simple, as it just entails hooking up a power source to a current driver and then to a laser diode with a good heat sink. Oh and I can write my name with it.

I have other projects in the works as well, and I'm continuing to develop IoT and embedded wearable computing ideas. I keep a sketch book of ideas, as they come faster than I have time to implement them. I'm interning with Intel this summer and in the evening, I'm helping build an aircraft for Flugtag ( Maybe a post about that later.

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